Mantra4Money is design for compare, calculate and get the best offers available in the market by the major banks, financial institutions in the country. All types of loan information with interest rates and other charges are displayed online for our valued customers. We guide you in your investment opportunities.

1What types of loan product do you shown?

We at mantra4money shown a wide variety of loan products such as Car Loan, Home Loan, Personal Loan, Business Loan, Property Loan etc.

While applying for any product you need to provide some information about you. Our system preserves your information and our team would get back to you. You can also check or view all the major loans and loan policies.

No, you need not pay us extra charges for getting a loan. We charge from our banks and companies who are our associates.

Lets say. You can use our loan and loan calculators free of cost. You get here a clear picture of the interest rates of all the major banks. Our loan experts and advisors are also there to answer your personal queries.

We never make public our customers information. We keep your privacy.

Please talk to us or write to us. Once you tell us your requirements we take utmost care to offer you the best professional service. We leave no stone unturned while serving our valued customers. Customer is the king for us.

Zero processing charges no extra cost. We will not charge anything from customer.